updated 6/21
crossed out items no longer available

#114---id m theft able---The Recoton High Bias From Rushville, Illinois (cassette 5$)
(hiss, squeal)
#113---Recombinants feat. Ironing (cassette 5$)
(Ironing, Sterile Garden, turntables, tape)
#112---id m theft able---my entire reproductive system has been replaced by a slide projector (cassette 5$)
(The Nick, The Elder, drool, drool, drool)
#111---id m theft able---Folk or Stereo Separation in Thrift Stores (cassette 5$)
(candles, dreams, hazes, redemption)
#110---id m theft able---The Do-It-Yourself Staircase (cassette 5$)
(1999, 2020, cable access, procrastination)
#109---The Year We Discovered the Candy Drop (cassette 5$)
(planes, trains, planes, 2012, Livermore Falls, Maine)
#108---The Veazies---The Zone (cassette 7$)
(Janane Tripp + Corey Jennings, dreamy lo-fi pop, Portland, ME)
#107---Bunda Love---Foreman's Mustache (cassette 5$)
(Mike Pride + id m theft able back on the horse)
#106---id m theft able---Blue Jay (reissue) (cassette 5$)
(unlock, hiss, mists)
#105---id m theft able---Jowls Without A Face (reissue) (cassette 5$)
(publish your own special Mother's Day greeting))
#104---i'd m thfft able---Head Down Inna Vitamin Blush (reissue)(cassette 5$)
(crickets, water, water, crickets)
#103---id m theft able---clean houses exude fear (cassette 5$)
(No Indie Rock)
#102---id m theft able and the smell of a blown out candle (double cassette 7$)
(Allison, the ring, knives, The Hulkster)
#101---Andrea Pensado + id m theft able (cassette 5$)
(jump, reject, (don't) repeat)
#100---id m theft able---Leaving the keyboard that plays itself down by the river between 2:30 and 3:30 AM, August 3rd 2017 (CDr 5$)
(auto, frogs, summer night)
#99---id m theft able---1 Drizzle and 7 Rains (for Billy) (4 cassettes or 8 CDrs 10$)
(rain, percussion, Let It Be)
#98---Audrey Chen + id m theft able---on Teufelsberg (cassette 5$)
(American spies)
#97---id m theft able---Time Pulls/Bachelorette (cassingle 5$)
(ass sticking to the seat)
#96---id m theft able---The o in Portland (cassette 5$)
(bienvenue the new you)
#95---id m theft able---No. (cassette 5$)
(No Trump)
#94---id m theft able---A ♥ named Spooky (cassette or CDr 5$ or OKCupid profile)
(piano, padding, sad bastard)
#93---i.m.f.---1998 (2 cassettes 5$)
(early id m)
#92---Flandrew Fleisenberg + id m theft able---Paying $10/hour to dig a hole in Monroe (cassette 5$)
(bell, flub, frict, and one)
#91---Walter Wright (cassette 5$)
(amplified drum kit, horndog, boardweevilV2, smartphone)
#90---i'd m thfft able featuring Snoop Cat---Jewel case for a Pussycat Dolls CD, sans disc, sits patiently in the dirt (cassingle 5$)
(I'm reaching for you shirt, what do you want me to do?)
#89---id m theft able---if I'm too fat for you, why don't you come over here and suck out all the fat? (CDr 5$)
(ripping, falling, helping, failing)
#88---id m theft able---Jimmy Page (cassette, assemblage 5$)
(Packer pillow, Moran's, Big Apple)
#87---i'd m thfft able---Teeth Teething (cassette 5$)
(the shape of your teeth, the shape of my teeth)
#86---Kissable---Notre Dame de la Plotte (cassette 5$)
(Émilie Mouchous and i'd m thfft able)
#85---i'd m thfft able---Hangin' Flaccid Like a Wet Lilac (cassette 5$)
(the note, the peacock, the cowboy, the tubs)
#84---i'd m thfft able---Width, Widths, Reach, Reaches, Length, Lengths (CDr 5$)
(guess my age)
#83---Fleshtone Aura---Andrew Almighty (cassette, 5$)
(Zukumber, stuffed animals, awards)
#82---3D Jet Scooter (cassette, 5$)
(touch, spring, space)
#81---i'd m + Angèle---J'ai Besoin De Toi (cassette, 5$)
#80---i'd m thfft able---Things I Might Write on the Egypt Road Rock (cassette, 5$)
(iguanas, erections, eyeless, Egypt, rock)
#79---i'd m thfft able---n's on Fire (CDr 5$)
(Bruce, Paul, vocal solos, running)
#78---id m theft able---Babb's Bridge (edition USA) (cassette, 5$)
(doin it, melting it, browning it, cooling it)
#77---i'd m thfft able---Endless Blooper Ending (cassette, 5$)
(testee detest, clock fucking, baggies)
#76---i'd m thfft able---Popsicles, Icicles, Baseball, and Fancy Clothes (edition USA) (cassette, 5$)
(doin it, melting it, browning it, cooling it)
#75---Bang! Bros---Produced by Pebbles-(cassingle, 5$)
(we gotchyer rock(s), right here)
#74---i'd m thfft able---into onto sheets (the) (cassette, 5$)
(Ces Deux Champignons, USA, Dance)
#73---id m theft able---Which Ponds Y Which sugars Y Witch Ponds I've Witch (cassette, 5$)
(reassembled 2007, flying squirrel, cake cake cake, witch )
#72---The Post "Colour Out of Space" Street Recording (cassette, 5$)
(UK freestyle)
#71---i dmth efta blé---Couche-Tard vs. Flying J (cassette, 5$)
(strange hallucination turned prophecy onna Canadian highway?)
#70---Le 6ème Doigt de Dwayne (cassette, 5$)
(Flandrew Fleisenberg, Simon Beige, Emilie Mouchous, Andrea-Jane Cornell, i'd m thfft able, Dwayne)
#69---i'd m thfft able---Werther's Original (cassette, 5$)
(like a slot machine)
#68---____________ (cassette, 5$)
#67---i'd m thfft able---Endless Blooper (CDr 5$)
(failures, slip ups, prayers)
#66---i'd m thfft able---What Are You Running From? (cassette, 5$)
(live, Lions, 1955, cameras, Fevrier 2010)
#65---School Willwear This (cassette, 5$)
#64---id m theft able---Releaseless (CDr, 5$)
(pants down, Svalbard, stairs, release)
#63---i dmth efta ble---1 baked hand (cassette, 5$)
(Gorham, woodstove, Elton)
#62---L.G.A.S.M. (cassette, 5$)
(Dutch, Scooter, Longfellow, able)
#61---id m theft able---El Señor Tiene Un Moustache (CDr, 6$)
(George Washington, live, dixie, 2008)
#60---NL PRT HD AFFXD T TH WLL MMBLNG TXT FRM "B HR NW" (60 minute cassette, 4$)
(Borders, Lords, Combat, Birthdays)
#59---id m theft able---Errored Jellies//Jellied Errors (8-Track, 4$)
(get some money, go to church, wait, know something)
#58---CD LASER LENS CLEANER (60 minute cassette, 4$)
#57---id m theft able---Organ Standards (reissue) (90 minute cassette, 5$)
(prog¿, zodiac, lessons, truth or dare)
#56---Ophibre---Music For Casio Keyboard + Heavy Objects (CDr, 6$)
(casio, keyboard, heavy, objects)
#54---ib m theft adle---'intendo innuendo w/an inuit in it (CDr, 5$)
(6 impromptu refrains and 1 reduction)
#53---id m theft able---shh portal of bleh-shh gobs do (90 minute cassette, 4$)
(mirrors, snoring, dishes, violence)
#52---Crank Sturgeon---Pith Geist (DVDr, 6$)
(tubes, basements, Floridians, personal reserve)
#51---The Robocop Hermaphrodite Pornography Video and other works by "lllllllllllllllll1" (DVDr 6$)
(boredom in retirement, sandwiches, Nicole)
#50---Re S Dual Mang---Book 1: An Obliterit No No (90 min cassette 4$)
(choirs, singles, drunken callers)
#49---Bunda Love---Beards and Calves (2 cd-r's 10$)
(Mike Pride + id m take a few more laps around the junior high gymnasium)
#48---Shea Mowat---Bowels No Move (A Moving Bowel Poem) / Space-In-Whale-In-Space (cd-r 6$)
(laxatives, galactics, electronics)
#47---yngxga aigg---3OG (book or "zine")
(bedside memoirs from the pink fuzzy notebook)
#46---id m theft able---Star Guts (cd-r, 5$)
(*,___, menstruata, galactics)
#45---Sven Densities---Prior To A Persnicket We (cassette, 4$)
(gunk, short wave, sunshine, go)
#44---Witcyst + id m theft able---~TILDA (DVDr, 6$)
(genealogies, plent, kittens, krattatt)
#43---Shea & Skot of Maine---Philomel 2: Dogshit (60 min cassette, 4$)
(medical coverage, socks, milton, leash laws)
#42---i dmth efta ble---slide over, et c. (10 min cassette)
(un femme, duties, gluts, und poetry hour)
#41---i dmth efta ble---as crispy hexagons (cd-r, 6$)
(comedia, plunder, and gleek)
#40---_________ _________--- (dvdr, 6$)
(_____ ______)
#39---id m theft able---oboe cold (60 minute cassette, 4$)
(sch scch scccch qitzqt!)
#38---id m theft able---and tape (3" cd-r, 4$)
(tape and memory residues)
#37---id m theft able---i'm on flourescence (cd-r, 6$)
(8 bit sizz, glutch, windbreakers, heat)
#36---Smidge Beats (cd-r)
(the vast majority of CDs and Records sound better when skipping)
#35---Visitations (cd-r, 6$)
(3 well placed boglins at the end of the river rd.)
#34---id m theft able---air-o-plane (7'' record, 5$)
(air-o-plane, on my own)
#33 -edith bunker's demonized vomit insurance -dedicated to ampiphany (cdr, 5$)
(indigenous music of the people of northern New Hampshire)
#32---id m theft able---it's nice (dvdr)
(video gusts, hi bent rituals)
#31---id m theft able---e custodial new star gaze (cd-r, 6$)
(cake, wet, strands, nighttime cleanliness)
#30---shea mowat---woo! (3'' cd-r or cassette 5$)
(tinks, fore st., exchange st. drunks)
#29---id m theft able---split angels no (cd-r)
(lakes, purrs, cats, hovers, molitov cocktails)
#28---Id M Theft Able---Sand Down Your Pelvis (cd-r)
(pull string, vitamin,organica, how to, pie charts)
#27---Id M Theft Able---Some Fruit (cd-r)
(peels, computers, skiyly, choppqi, holm)
#26 -Crank Sturgeon+Id M Theft Able -03.03.03: Half The Beast, Just You and I (cdr, 6$)
(duets, choking, familia spss, pents, finns, ordique)
#25---Shea Mowat---3 [fold, dD,*,(r)X] Marsh Mall (cd-r)
(the boss, ettiquette, tape-co, plolpy(o))
#24 -Id M Theft Able---Ebb Oho Skin Fold Creak (cd-r)
(spspsalts, marms, zayres, bottles, kates, creaks, chairs, aides, voxy)
#23---Shea + Skot of Maine---Feb 27 1999 (cd-r)
(cigarettes, glasses, dungeons and dragons, dials, headbangs, heartpalps, burster!)
#22---Id M Theft Able----Earfuls of Milk and Speaker Spit (cd-r)
(pop, voice, dropped jewel cases, mimicry, yelp, chew, rap, poeme, venture)
#21---Id M Theft Able---This Microphone Smells Like A 1997 Make Out (3" cd-r)
(voices, make outs)
#20---Crank Sturgeon---The Portable Hake Atavist (3" cd-r)
(probably a secret journal of sweater man envy)
#19---Low Noise Quality Tape Thirty Minutes Per Side (cd-r) fs3
(more 'found sound', little girls, includes "home sweet home" and "from a distance"!)
#18---id m theft able---- ATMOS! EROS! SPRIG! (cd-r)
(accidents, on-purposes, pauses, jim)
#17---Shea Mowat---Kaka (krazy) (90-cassette)
(dinner, harpsichord, delights)
#16---Bob Cochran---Stronghold of Hummus (cdr)
(like someone playing with many radios, all playing lovely things)
#15---Shooting Pool With a Piece of Rope and Other Delights (cd-r) fs2
("found sound" cassettes, stalkers, sing-a-longs, accidents)
#14---B.R. Garm---Cha (cd-r, 6$)
(2 track lo-fi prog-opus)
#13---Crank Sturgeon---Pod For Accoutrement (cd-r, 6$)
(din, internalization, husoism)
#12---EEEE EEEEE (cd-r, 6$) fs1
(home recorded 6th grader keyboard rock n' roll)
#11---Id M Theft Able---Alice the Camel (cd-r, 6$)
(has one hump)
#10---Shea Mowat/ Id M Theft Able---Badn' allis Good-Greatn' Alln'/ Captain Beefheart's Candy Bar (cdr, 6$)
(marimba, chimes, dreams, fellowship in eagles, keyboard)
#9---Id M Theft Able---As A.T. Beheld/Hits From the RON Sack (110 cassette)
(elk, turntables, buddhists, ilks, RON)
#8---Id M Theft Able---Chants and Mantras of Munjoy and Big Boy (cd-r)
(mouths, yngxays, adulthood, laments, squishing)
#7---Shea Mowat---Ghost Rituals Off Sacred Sea Land (cd-r, 6$)
(spring, tin, squees, ghost ships, autoharp?)
#6---Id M Theft Able---Buttercup (cd-r)
(winds, chimes, water, data, farfisa)
#5---Id M Theft Able---If You Travel Around The Country, You Know That Water Quality Varies Widely (cd-r)
(preachers, baths, drums, tutalege, rekkids)
#4---A Wal*Mart Christmas (cd-r)
(music for chanukah,christmas, and new years 1999-2000)
#3---I Dick M The F Table---No More Room For Whoa Carolina? (110 cassette)
(shows, trips, collages, voices, improvisations, hits)
#2---Shea D. Mowat---Some Solos on the Possesed (po-cess-id) & Perhaps Evil Guitar)(cd-r)
(two microphones, a bow, a cat, a mother, a man, a guitar or gutiar)
#1---I Dick M The F Table----Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In(cd-r)
(wees, squees, bleets, compositions, eeet)
SECRET#1---id m + Jay Z---A Dull Lit Spigot to Frown On O'clocks(cd-r and cassette)
(best rappers alive)
SECRET#2---id m theft able---A String Quartet Tribute to Sonic Youth(8-track)
(kool things)
SECRET#3---id m theft able----Power Yoga(VHS)
SECRET#4---THE ADOLESCENT YEARNINGS OF id m theft able(cd-r)
SECRET#5---Dashpi (cassette)
SECRET#6---The Deflowering of Denver the last Dinosaur(tape)
("the following is a list of dead people")
SECRET#7---id m theft able----Kindergarten in Her Ear(VHS)
(Manchester School, 1999)
SECRET#8---id m theft able----"Secret Performance #1" September 10th 2006(CDr)
SECRET#9---id m theft able---Take It To The Next Level! (cassette)
(the shack)

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