id m theft able
Split Angels No

Lake Star Particles

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a lake at night, in the summer
constellations above the lake
points of light across the lake
creatures within the lake
visit the lake!
A "song cycle" recorded in august 2003. Between the recording of the first and second layers someone threw a molitov cocktail at me.
for Phil H (now dead)

(cats eating)
intitially for Garfield (now dead), then also for Homer (also dead) featuring Garfield (eating), Sam (sniffing), Blackie Lawless, MD (cleaning himself), Ginger (purring, sleeping) Homer (organ). Recorded in August 2002 addendum (October 2003)

Narration by Danielle L, "Split Angels" crest by Brendan E
Originally released as Mangdisc#29 on CDr, sometime in 2004)