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1. cl amo/ang or/er us/e et c.
2. _______
3. Ottawan'd stab constructs
4. is not about the last day of 8th grade

Recorded Late 2001-Spring 2003 "a credit zurueckzufuehrend with that flight to have to take the assistance of the end on the telephone garm b.r. (bassy in manner 1) tear off the assistance of the secrecy of rad of the bicycle ryan (manner 1, yes) of the Mister bob cochran (manner 3) and for sample of Ottawa we come from the city also thank Michelle mizz (manner 3, millimetres) and two manners three and four let us must a debt with a volume mark "carbo 24,3,99 of Teresa" to find in the basement 64 kellogg. them to thank in the pot for handle for dust, bracket, Saeckchen in the plastic, volume of volumes, keyboards manners, radios, tape recorders, the voices, Abtroepfeln, of the occupied signals, turn of the obvious, taking plays of sample, spheres knarrende, screens of window, telephones, bags of paper and C........"
▄████ ▄████

Originally released by Humbug Recordings (Norway) as a cdr in 2003.