id m theft able
and I pulled the word "and" from my beard

1. Confused McCready Visitant Specter
2. CDR Deer Glides and Swoons
3. Bridge of Eyes Toward Nova Scotia
4. Milk From Rotting Teeth
5. Afternoon Pet Dander Constellations
6. CDR Deer's Dream
7. McCready Visitant Stirrer
8. Msiwkaemyp Gtarraasghe
9. For Chinga

Recorded Spring-Summer 2006, in Windham and Portland Maine (USA) with a mouth, cds, a tape found in the swamp, tapes not found in the swamp, toy piano, soda, space, faucet, alarm clock, whips, cat, dog, delay, loops, recliner, recorder, tube, dolby, ghosts.......

Originally released by 8mm Records (Italy) as a cdr in early 2007.