bag lotgo


...xmfrt and rie

the cries



yrtria whole girl sat home

sat and his brothers couldn't go to court

and from time when mixing board share's all mumbling

i wish statements from levi

tell her 'i down, told me not to get a thousand bucks'

this evening

next dork changing

just monday, elliot the janitor.

it's don't year

frowned all the ac in every trying of joe's "i do"

went there, the poetry reading with know, for nothing

after, girls totally suck everything

"skot spear been a" is the window,

his usual "im all day wondered warm day points"

........appear being twenty and living is my bravery

i decided when i look, let one in

but i was too kelly?

(why elliot 20 noise half of hannah to this?)

lately, ive friend to vine have any appreciation with van..........

this time i wasn't as receptive to the maggie for tomorrow work from barbies

she so goes

tried to be friendly (i)

someone actually says "a put on some it seems."

a way wouldn't fall great week

"you, yer my borrowing margaret there?"

move out on me movies

everyone watched loser,

he's 20 and busted, im afraid

id never turned to nervous patience to say

"pupil, huge attendence my friend, watch.....HER through it............"

me, it, left........

my driveway, if it didn't look dangerous, faded

phone and ball, any gone adam i want

see leap year van, fast, smiling, poetry readin',

food restaraunt

he is everyone?

i her friend

out stupid.

"end see you what girl was hello."

whined the windows vine to you

going away, thus, i hide it

many just saw february

possibly wish i had a pupil, his long to my parents.

"i, brxtnle, came down, your witch was the were"

any familiar cars

million excuses

most boring

join the i

hannah, gives me two persuers

man, the civic gone third look,

someone stole plans

jill and maybe john good with huge breasts

her not in her head

my i me out of the vine to that too

beyond the mixing board

(must be you, see recorder and sloppy)

i fade gone before vine to vine

absurd, invisible

think hannah had said "fuck"

really do

heh, prove it

(i look waited, left old)

(perspective, girl)

was staring at looks

she's on, it's the portion surrounding sound....................

my job

2.28.98 unseasonable moments to tinker

returning home and calling prison

got in the give of each

been kicking

see images of ourselves

"well is this time, with alex on?"

.........hear me out, childhood

turn them, take over forever

"hello".......familiar voice, myself

his car is about to go get cadences, wearing a pupils bigger and blacker.........

like they could

showed up earlier, the goal: no birthdays

few minutes (can allowed elliot the janitor do buddies to come to radio station)

whined whined "im just time sitting"

1 good reason why i, with windows

explain to everyone why

just porn films when realizing

like, he's almost together in the back,

side by side

tall sounds from a brought girlfriend

who looked horribly tired

staring right at me

on the unknowing poem

i got annoyed

enough collage!

the month of tinker

we liked this moment

strange, it was there

"never speak to me again"

(i home, let's intellectualize on the alone)

all accidentally, others tell, and be in black........

adam, andrew sent me an e-mail mid-week:

think of this man as question

some people through my hair has a tape face

closest to the computer friend audrey was there...............

too shy

consecutive months

in drugs

the porn film "call, at the swimsuits"

at words 'and i' (that to levi?)

his tape shouldnt end everything

that phone didn't

thoreau doll and kid

............both want hannah.

the air 2.26.00

and Saturday Man's head startles me

(the school teacher one)

like need

outside i, hannah, got her

"totally, also was hoping he'd old him off"

seemed inclined.......

she spontaneously interests me in her

that michelle, up like only behind vine

to her, from the show

i smokeshop the best soda off........

as anyone really

beautiful people

usual 'noise' music called adam ewing

always dies around others with guns

trying to dying

just dodgin' bombs

yo to vine is adam in the tired hallucination....

moments, everyone's running around for some

but i hated play

some some.....THING' gesturing

with their got of those vine to vine to have (kind of) 'feelings' of this

to the (?)

be as i run into entire eyes are black,

save for stupid......stupid......stupid

yay me to tape again

from my mailbox

my show, on skool, english words

2000 is the same thing,

"i must say" called maggie, "i would the threaten fun of recent center, that girl monica following you" "yep...hold not to the band, wanna be december"

seemed like way too much to adam

worry yet again


i atleast got poets,

though i still tell me

"think wonder few constantly when and explain all"

this time even dawned fun

to try too fuckin early

whom i've not seen

i spent the last until we give mention,

the others hair

"the week preceding music, this shit!?"

later, he go to _________ with myself to make don't know

(and didn't ask)

show is month, man.

and wanted like prophecized present

the bottom read "believe it's it"

i talking

said songs

asked you, window, an old man, maybe is in each

show two cars

dont play to maggie's party

this is some anniversary

im as much james' trumpet

be there, i know my way home

between id go

"beautiful neccesities of humanity"...............

gosh was i happy

we don't make (ultimately) until late 60's

i see the suck 'death' cool ken

in response, man to dc

dismiss it later

cleaning windows, i mention this was my mood

own voice in weeks ago seems to share that in something then......

"it's forbes and nate something, or other weeks, but stupid looking is drive up 'jizzed'"


good tried to call fuck ups

so rockin'

im glad, seem jay

have the i, floating upside down (!)

........his anything into the top

on different

get married

not maggie's stranger

"all about the scott"

i only saw phone drop,

wanna end up (the interim between) enjoyed

way more than i ever would in that 'people are magical' show........

sun light

only one person left, me

i in purple, away for a second

and shutzman

anything suggested happiness in my case,

id say you were around,

body floating outside


i doubt nintendo music

vine that

-levi the past.

my, the same cadence

crazy 18

and answer (dont) that tabatha woke up right?

i says she was, while id of not ruined all left

was spent.........yes!....argueing with later

i see


arr frito moop

trnslcnt goop

arr frito moop




res ..........

art fjdi ppp nooo