march 19th 1999

i have the day to myself.
it feels great!!
i discovered i really have lost alot of weight.
im back into a sixteen.
i still have about three sizes to go.
before i reach my goal.
but 2 pants sizes in 1 month is great.

i called mercy family practice and
made an appointment for a physical.
and called a dentist.
my next goal is to take better care of myself.

i want to change my life completely.
from my weight, looks
because i want to make a good carrier for myself.
and go somewhere with my life.

im not sure if i want to go to work
directly after this coarse or not.
i want to better myself everyway i can.
and take advantage of the benifits i do have.
like what (...?...) is paying for
-child care
-car insurance
-car repairs
-eye care
-see 8

and their are many barriers
that i have to break through first
before i jump into everything
so fast.

i realize i have some skills
but i would like to gain more
and better the ones i do have

i need better organization skills
better time management skills
better money management skills
i need better computer skills
just to name a few
and i just don't think that i can cram
all this information in
in 10 weeks.

i should've listnd to john and catherine
but i didn't want to at the time.

well, this is enough for now