from fluxlisters---i asked for
one location.
and created recordings
based on their suggestions

1. for

"a blister.
on my finger."

a piece of mail which josh ronsen's afflicted finger likely touched (as it was sent from his address and had his name on it) is perforated with a needle.

2. for
"cotton ball.
your car"

a cotton ball is torn apart in my car
which is parked in a "7-11" convenience store parking lot in biddeford maine.

3. for
"a frying pan filled with water.
The freezer of your icebox."

a frying pan is filled with water and very carefully placed in the freezer.  
i am proud to say i managed to do it without spilling a drop.

4. for
"George Macunias's monicle.
George Bush's face"

a crude monicle is drawn on a picture of george w. bush.

5. for
"The first stone you see after reading this.
the first place you decide to rest after reading this."

a stone that came to me in a bit of mail art from the oklahoma panhandle was the first one i saw (yes, we have rocks here in maine, but they were all buried in snow).  this rock is run across the surface of my bed (the first place i rested).

6. for #2
George Harrison's finger."

a guitar, perhaps not unlike one that once gave george harrision a blister, is punished

7. for
somewhere on river road in maine."

a recorder is placed inside a mailbox on the river rd. in windham maine on an unbelievably cold january night

8. for
"a single glove.
a toilet."

my purple (left hand) glove is dropped in my toilet

9. for #1
London Bridge."

a melon is cut with one hand while playing "london bridge" on a keyboard with the other

10. for
"a car.
on blueberry hill road."

after doing a search, i discovered a blueberry hill rd. in alfred maine, roughly 40 minutes driving away.  i drove up and down the entire length of the road......the recording is an excerpt from that drive.........

11. for
"Taxidermy crow.
West Orange, New Jersey"

my impression of a taxidermied crow watching a television show (the adventures of pete and pete) that was filmed (i was once told) in west orange, new jersey

12. for

a staircase is ascended then three magazines are thrown down it

13. for
"Green cherry tomato.
Kalahari desert."

some red cherry tomatoes (painted green) are pelted at and eventually squahsed on top of an encyclopedia entry regarding the kalahari desert.......

14. for
"a fleck of dust.
2 feet above, and 6 feet to the right of your head."

using a tape measure i attempted to determine where exactly the instructions would lead me (using where i first read the message, in my seat in front of the computer as my reference).  
it brought me through the wall, into my bedroom, above my bed.  at this point i place the microphone, then disturb the dust in the air with my hand.

15. for
"ear of corn.
public payphone."

in total despair, i wandered the town unable to find any corn for sale (apparently it was not in season).....but whilst wandering around in a thrift store, the answer came to me.  i found a candle made to resemble an ear of corn.  i promptly took this candle to a public pay phone and attempted to use it to dial home (i failed)